The Photo Albums on CD ROM
Over 500 High Resolution JPG Images
A great selection of beautiful images suitable for artist's reference resulting from our on-location Painting Workshop Tours. These images are of a very high quality and will print in very crisp detail, depending on your printer capabilities. Ideal for Photodesk use, and full color publishing. Use your own graphics program (Adobe, MGI, ExpressIt, etc.) to print out the image and use it as reference for your artwork.

Examples from 'The Irish Countryside'
Examples from 'French Canal Tour'

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This CD-ROM album contains a slide show shareware program and
also includes sound clips for your "virtual painting excursion" slide shows.

Irish Countryside CD AlbumFrench Canal Tour CD Album

Album Features
Fabulous monuments, villages, museums, streets, people and natural outdoor photography from some of the most spectacular locations on the planet. The license on the disc allows you to use these reference photos to create derivative artwork for publication, exhibition and personal enjoyment.
Other photo collections cost up to 5 times the price of these professional packages.

For information on purchasing a CD-ROM album, send request to:

System Requirements: Windows 3.1 with 8-bit sound card, CD-ROM Drive and color display. JPG photos are DOS, MAC, and
PC Windows Compatible.

TIPS on taking your own professional-looking photos---especially Fall Color!

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